Spring Garden Scape

Warmer weather is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with garden veggies and manzanita “trees” blossoming with charcuterie skewers. Guests loved getting to pick their skewers off the branches. Colours of crisp, apple green and sky blue made this grazing station really stand out.

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Cookie & Milk Bar

Food bars are always a favourite. We recently did a cookie and milk bar for an event in Kitchener -Waterloo that was a huge success. Guests enjoyed a wide selection of cookies and flavoured milks.

Cookies – White chocolate macadamia, chocolate chip, double chocolate, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate pistachio, bacon chocolate chunk, and rosemary & thyme.

Milk – white milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and lavender infused milk.


Elegant Nautical Wedding

Fold a bold and beautiful colour combo of navy and white with the stunning background of The Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener and a bride’s love of everything nautical and you get a fun themed wedding that will take your breath away. This event was one for the ages.

Fabbian 1085

The menu consisted of food stations followed by a five course plated Italian dinner:

Assorted Freshly Baked Housemade Artisan Breads and Grissini

 Garden Green Salad with Olive Oil and Balsamic Dressing with Hazelnut Crumble

 Braised Beef Cheek Raviolo with Smoked Tomato Ragout

 Fresh Seafood Salad including Clams, Shrimp, Scallops, Octopus, and Cuttlefish with Chickpeas

 Aged Rib-Eye and Herb Roasted & Chicken Supreme Served with Heirloom Carrots with Dried Branches, Asparagus, Pecorino, Farro, Vegetable Juice and King Oyster Mushrooms

 Housemade Tiramisu served in Martini Glasses

 Grappa Ice Cream Shooters

Fabbian 1314Fabbian 1318

Fabbian 1317Fabbian 1319Fabbian 1322Fabbian 1320Fabbian 1321Fabbian 1324Fabbian 1326


Some of our favourite moments including the “first look”, the moment the father of the bride saw his daughter, the bride sneaking a cheesecake lollipop and of course the Hacienda beautifully decorated by Pink Poppi of Kitchener.

Fabbian 0059 Fabbian 0297Fabbian 1254Taunya & Jason Fabbian Wedding photos

Photography: Trina Koster {trinakoster.com}

Florals & Décor: Pink Poppi {pinkpoppi.ca}

Venue: Hacienda Sarria {haciendasarria.com}

Catering: Appetizingly Yours Events and Catering {appyours.com}

Wedding Planning: Dreamstlyle Weddings {dreamstyleweddings.com}

Band: Black Water Trioh {fredhale.ca/bwtrio.php}

Transportation: Brentwood Livery {brentwoodlivery.ca}

It’s time to get creative.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Whether I am designing menus or considering decorating to enhance a coporate event or wedding I look everywhere for inspiration. At Appetizingly Yours we are a creative bunch. Once the ideas start, together we create magic.  It may start with Pinterest, out on a walk,  a shape , a color or the time of year that we gain inspiration for our style. Then we execute. The grass doesn’t grow under my feet.  We set up the table in advance of the event, it may not work each and everytime many changes need to be made, the end result however, is something we are all proud to present our clients. There is nothing better then when our vision works as we planned. Placing food on platters is always lovely, especially if you can can create a form of symmetry, however using unique items like tree branches or chunks of wood, slate or broken plates helps create an even better atmosphere with the exact same food.

Take a look around, turn a plate or bowl upside down and see if you can use it that way instead, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s time to get creative!

Dinner Series – August 15th

It is tomato season! This is a thrilling time at AY, so we decided to kick of the season with a 17 course tomato based dinner in the Appetizingly Yours kitchen. We host these dinners every two weeks, which we like to call the AY Dinner Series; Chef Kaya and the kitchen team create an exciting dining experience that features local foods with provocative pairings that are both playful and interactive. To celebrate this time of year when the local tomatoes are at their best, we decided a tomato theme would only be appropriate; all the decor, and each dish, was based off of tomatoes in some way. We had a lot of fun with this theme restriction, and we found that the ‘limitation’ of the theme sparked innovation throughout AY. Here are a few photos from the dinner, featuring the food, decor, and staff that made it all possible. Feel free to email us if you are interested in hosting a private party in the AY kitchen.

tablespread2  DinnerSeriesDishes  DSC_4473

A Vintage Dessert Station

We really love events that take place outdoors. When great company, great weather, and great food collide, it makes for a very special evening. At this party, we set up  this vintage dessert station, lit up by candle light under the cool summer sky.

Redefining ‘Cheesecake’

Sometimes, even the most classic dishes need to be revisited. Sure, a traditional New York Style Cheesecake is a fine dessert option, but why not take the idea of a ‘Cheesecake’ and make it a little more… literal? Our chefs at AY use cheese wheels to build a cake made solely of cheese; at this particular 75th birthday party, the cake was made up of Papillon Noir Roquefort, Chabichou Chèvre, Telagio, and Prestige de Bourgogne, stacked on top of one another, with fresh berries, fruits, herbs and edible flowers surrounding them. We placed the cheesecake on a retired wine barrel, with a beautiful weeping amaranth flower arrangement towering overhead. As the famous gastronome Jean-Antheleme Brillat-Savarin once said, “A dinner which ends without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye”.

High Tea

Creating a theme around any gathering makes planning the event that much easier.  Decor, food style, service staff can all enhance the ” theme”.  High tea is just one of those themes that people love.  Its girly and delicate. Think Parisian Macarons,  garnished tea sandwiches and your grandmothers stunning tea service set.

DIY tissue paper flowers

I thought I would share the trick to making these tissue paper flowers.  We spent the weekend at the Wedding show showcasing our decor ideas and catering and the response to the tissue paper flowers was incredible.  INCREDIBLE! These would be great for little girls rooms too. Double click the picture and it will open up a bit bigger for you to see. Here is how you make them!

Step one:

Size: 20x 24 tissue paper…in any color, use 7 pieces of tissue for each pedal.  Micheals craft store sells them.

Make an accordion, like you see in the first picture. Then using a paper clip secure it in place a little more than 1/4 of the way up.  Why? This is ONE pedal of your flower and if you are hanging it on the wall the pedal part will be too droopy and long.  We liked it shorter so you could see the inside of the flower more.

Step two:

Open up the longer part of the accordion and cut the corners round and make a heart shape.  Don’t be shy, cut it like you mean it!

Step three:

Pull all the tissue away from each other and hot glue gun the first pedal into a plastic container.  We used the lids to our take out containers for catering.  Small flower was four pedals and a large was five. Just make sure you space them out correctly, you don’t want any gaps between the pedals.  You can adjust it if you make a mistake by adding another piece of tissue or just make another pedal.

Step four:

We tried everything to stick our flowers up….by the morning…they all fell.  What worked in the end?  GOOD OLE PACKING TAPE!


Hope that helps and good luck! If you have any questions you know where to find us!


Wedding Shows

We LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding shows! First we get to meet amazing and inspiring people from all over the tri-city. We get to be creative and watch for your response!  This is one of our favourite booths.  We spent a seriously long time building each and every tissue paper flower.  Why?  So we could showcase them to you as a DIY. Not every wedding has to be over the top expensive to look good.  In fact we wanted simple this time around. We imagined grandparents, sisters, bridesmaids and moms all sitting around the table crafting these amazing flowers, talking about the future.  What a great way to connect everyone over such a joyous and hopeful occasion. If you run out of time and can’t fit in it, we are more than happy to do it for you, matching any color shape and size.  We do full decor for weddings, cocktail parties, showers you name it! We have a blast coming up with fun stationary or late night stations like this Olde Fashioned popcorn bar with a ton of flavours to shake on your popcorn, as well as offer our catering services. We are a one stop shop!  Hope you have some time this weekend to stop by our booth and say hello!