Spring Garden Scape

Warmer weather is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with garden veggies and manzanita “trees” blossoming with charcuterie skewers. Guests loved getting to pick their skewers off the branches. Colours of crisp, apple green and sky blue made this grazing station really stand out.

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Cookie & Milk Bar

Food bars are always a favourite. We recently did a cookie and milk bar for an event in Kitchener -Waterloo that was a huge success. Guests enjoyed a wide selection of cookies and flavoured milks.

Cookies – White chocolate macadamia, chocolate chip, double chocolate, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate pistachio, bacon chocolate chunk, and rosemary & thyme.

Milk – white milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and lavender infused milk.


A Unique Drink Station Idea

Dry ice, Caesar mock-tails, and peach Bellinis all in a day in the life here at AY. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Compusense (https://www.compusense.com/) at their open house for their new building here in Guelph. Among the many things we created for this corporate event were Caesar mock-tails topped with a tapioca chip and a deconstructed Caesar salad and peach Bellinis with lime cordial pipettes and a peach wedge. This is a great idea for a drink station to really wow your guests.

It’s time to get creative.

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Whether I am designing menus or considering decorating to enhance a coporate event or wedding I look everywhere for inspiration. At Appetizingly Yours we are a creative bunch. Once the ideas start, together we create magic.  It may start with Pinterest, out on a walk,  a shape , a color or the time of year that we gain inspiration for our style. Then we execute. The grass doesn’t grow under my feet.  We set up the table in advance of the event, it may not work each and everytime many changes need to be made, the end result however, is something we are all proud to present our clients. There is nothing better then when our vision works as we planned. Placing food on platters is always lovely, especially if you can can create a form of symmetry, however using unique items like tree branches or chunks of wood, slate or broken plates helps create an even better atmosphere with the exact same food.

Take a look around, turn a plate or bowl upside down and see if you can use it that way instead, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s time to get creative!

A Vintage Dessert Station

We really love events that take place outdoors. When great company, great weather, and great food collide, it makes for a very special evening. At this party, we set up  this vintage dessert station, lit up by candle light under the cool summer sky.

Appetizingly Yours: G o e s A c r o s s C a n a d a


What an adventure we have had over the last month!  Caitlin and team were off across Canada to organize a road show for one of our corporate clients held at Cineplex Theatres.  From venues in Ontario, Quebec, Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, Winnipeg , Calgary and Vancouver hosting an event at Cineplex Theatres are great venue options and we have seen them all! Staff sit in comfortable theatre chairs with presentations run on the main screen and all eyes on the speakers, for undivided attention.  AY staff were on hand to ensure the event ran smoothly, all rentals and decor arrived on time and helped guests navigate through the event. On their down time, dog sledding in Montreal and shopping in Quebec and adventurous meals made up their spare time.  When it comes to Event Planning it truly is a passion for us and we love delivering more than what our clients expect!


High Tea

Creating a theme around any gathering makes planning the event that much easier.  Decor, food style, service staff can all enhance the ” theme”.  High tea is just one of those themes that people love.  Its girly and delicate. Think Parisian Macarons,  garnished tea sandwiches and your grandmothers stunning tea service set.

Corporate gift ideas

We have been making biscotti for a very very long time, we have it down to a science.  What this means to you is that we are really good at it.  We ship it across the province, we wholesale it and we think its pretty darn good!  As I was individually wrapping them for one of our clients for their office,  I realized they make great thank you gifts! Who wouldn’t want a quick note of thanks for a referral or a job well done or for doing business with you?! We would be happy to attach your card or a sticker to the many flavours of biscotti we make in house and send it off to the lucky recipient. A quick thank you doesn’t have to cost a lot and we are happy to do the majority of the leg work for you! Did I mention we ship our biscotti…all the time!

AY Housemade Charcuterie

AY is proud to be working with Blue Haven Farms in Rockwood, a connection through the recent Taste Real event we attended.  While we can turn food into works of art, it all starts with the farmer.  Blue Haven Farms are grassfarmers who raise their animals and birds on pasture enjoying a number of benefits including being able to live in a peaceful environment and eat nutritious, all-natural food. They have a rare breed of Tamworth pigs that are raised on Pasture-grass. This method of farming is an excellent match for AY and we hope you will love the in house Charcuterie we will have ready for many of the platters we sell over the next few months. 

To some Charcuterie may look like a platter of cold cuts with some olives and pickles, however, Charcuterie involves  traditional methods, intensive knowledge of fermentation and flavor combinations.  Charcuterie was used as a way of preserving meat before refrigeration.  In-house Charcuterie involves a commitment in time, driving chefs to start making their own own prosciutto, salami, bresaola, sopressata and sausage. It highlights our local terrior, supports our local farmers and encourages chef’s to source exactly what they want, while building close bonds with our farmers.  

While the majority of the Charcuterie boards may be pork , Chefs are a creative bunch and we now see rabbit terrines, duck and even bison on many Charcuterie boards. They get to play with a variety of smoking methods, spices and salt and fat.

Charcuterie boards are a popular choice for corporate catering and we almost always have them set up at weddings and parties.  They are the “go to” stationary appetizer.

We would love it if the next time you see Charcuterie on display, see if there is a delicacy that you haven’t sampled yet and give it a try!





Corporate Breakfast Boxes

We are sending over 1200 Breakfast Boxes across Canada- Quebec to Vancouver, and I just had to share the idea! They are healthy, made in house by AY Chefs and can be easily branded. Send us your corporate stickers or business cards and we will do the rest! What a great way to start off a morning meeting and they are a unique way to kick off a conference, send to staff as a thank you or provide during a break.  We can fully customize the items and send out samples!! Its been a ton of fun for us and the options are endless!  We have Brioche and Meyer lemon preserves, granola bars, crispy gaufrettes- seriously addicting, fruit and nuts, mini biscotti, crunchy walnuts with cinnamon and oats..the list goes on! LOVE IT!