Fruit Tart Recipe

These fruit tarts are simple to make and seriously delicious.  One of my favourite books is Ottolenghi, the cookbook.  This is where I adapted the recipe from years ago and still use it.  During the summer when fruit is in season is the perfect time to wow yours guests with these chilled tarts.

Makes 12, 3″ tarts

110g marscapone cream

100g sourcream

10g heavy cream

1/4 tsp vanilla

25 g icing sugar

put everything into the mixer and whisk until super smooth. Fill a piping bag with the mixture and pipe into prebaked tart shells.  Add any fresh fruit you like and sprinkle with icing sugar.

If you haven’t been using a scale to measure out ingredients. NOW IS THE TIME.  It is an accurate measurement when baking verses the different sizes of “one” cup measurements.





I was taught by two amazing Chef’s on how to make Sourdough bread and bread in general and this laid the foundation of my love of making bread. Chef John Bex and Chef Neil Baxter in Stratford Ontario, both with such different ways of making bread and both with exceptional results.  I am so honored to have had the experience of learning from them both. I also had an enormous amount of hands on experience, both success and failures, as the Pastry Chef for a summer. I had to figure out bread schedules, cultures, poolish, proofing, over proofing, scoring, shaping, baking and how the weather impacts bread and my favorite when the bread SINGS.  As it cools the bread crackles. I firmly believe you learn far more from failure then you do from success. I have had many loaves look beautiful in the basket only to flatten out like a saucer when I went to cook them, not to mention how many loaves I tried to score perfectly and yet….nothing. Picking up tips from bakers and books is the only way to go! I learned from Chef Ryan O’Donnell how to score correctly and can now do it almost every time.  I learned from Chef Ian Middleton about oven spring and DDT ( desired dough temperature )  I know now how to tell when my culture , whose name is OSCAR, is happy and when he is not! Sourdough bread is an art.  If you come across any bakery that makes their own sourdough bread it is worth every penny.  You have to feed your culture every day to keep it alive. Thats commitment. My culture has been alive for many years, I even take it with me on vacation! I love to share how to make sourdough bread because to me, bread making  is ancient, romantic and a skill that seems to be fading. There is something rewarding when you bake bread and I hope you get an opportunity to try! One of the best bread books out there in my opinion is TARTINE. Based out of San Francisco, this bakery is so popular there is a line up to get there bread, everyday.  They ring a huge bell outside when the bread is up!  How cool is that??!!

While we don’t have a bell, we do sell the loaves for $5 each.

Please stop by , get a tour of the facility and see what was freshly baked!



DIY tissue paper flowers

I thought I would share the trick to making these tissue paper flowers.  We spent the weekend at the Wedding show showcasing our decor ideas and catering and the response to the tissue paper flowers was incredible.  INCREDIBLE! These would be great for little girls rooms too. Double click the picture and it will open up a bit bigger for you to see. Here is how you make them!

Step one:

Size: 20x 24 tissue paper…in any color, use 7 pieces of tissue for each pedal.  Micheals craft store sells them.

Make an accordion, like you see in the first picture. Then using a paper clip secure it in place a little more than 1/4 of the way up.  Why? This is ONE pedal of your flower and if you are hanging it on the wall the pedal part will be too droopy and long.  We liked it shorter so you could see the inside of the flower more.

Step two:

Open up the longer part of the accordion and cut the corners round and make a heart shape.  Don’t be shy, cut it like you mean it!

Step three:

Pull all the tissue away from each other and hot glue gun the first pedal into a plastic container.  We used the lids to our take out containers for catering.  Small flower was four pedals and a large was five. Just make sure you space them out correctly, you don’t want any gaps between the pedals.  You can adjust it if you make a mistake by adding another piece of tissue or just make another pedal.

Step four:

We tried everything to stick our flowers up….by the morning…they all fell.  What worked in the end?  GOOD OLE PACKING TAPE!


Hope that helps and good luck! If you have any questions you know where to find us!


Wedding Shows

We LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding shows! First we get to meet amazing and inspiring people from all over the tri-city. We get to be creative and watch for your response!  This is one of our favourite booths.  We spent a seriously long time building each and every tissue paper flower.  Why?  So we could showcase them to you as a DIY. Not every wedding has to be over the top expensive to look good.  In fact we wanted simple this time around. We imagined grandparents, sisters, bridesmaids and moms all sitting around the table crafting these amazing flowers, talking about the future.  What a great way to connect everyone over such a joyous and hopeful occasion. If you run out of time and can’t fit in it, we are more than happy to do it for you, matching any color shape and size.  We do full decor for weddings, cocktail parties, showers you name it! We have a blast coming up with fun stationary or late night stations like this Olde Fashioned popcorn bar with a ton of flavours to shake on your popcorn, as well as offer our catering services. We are a one stop shop!  Hope you have some time this weekend to stop by our booth and say hello!

Sparkly and new…

We think setting up our new website is the perfect way to start our first blog.  Why? Because as creative as we are at AY the journey of a new website, host, domain, uploading to flickr, jpegs and IMAP’s have been the real test for us! It has made us realize just how much we need to rely on each other to make this amazing company work on an entirely new level.  Without STASH MEDIA and editor Stephen Price along with our new techie guru Heather Grieve we would not have been able to create our exciting online store or showcase the incredible events and milestones that we participate in everyday. A HUGE thank you to Stephen and Heather we are so thrilled you are on our team!